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Description of Web Designs

About Me
Description of Web Designs
Contact Information
Graphic Samples

On this page is a few samples of what you can have as for content and design. Below are a few samples of the pages you might consider when having a web site.

Main Page
With Introduction to Service/Products

Home page
A few pictures products, service examples, or animated icons. An introduction to the service or products you provide. Also, e-mail icons on each page, and the footer which is the name, address, and phone number of your business.
 A Navigation bar will be to the left of screen or at top of page. There it will have a name for each page.

Other Pages

On the other page, if you desire the full basic choice, you can use it for a variety of subjects. It can be the following:

* Our Policy

*About Us

*Other Services

* Help Links




Sam's Photo's
Page of Photos and the Package Rates

Your Service/Product Page
This page is usually the detail page of the service/products you provide. It can have pictures of the service or product with a link to a new page for each item chosen. Or it can be used as the only page to what your company provides. It's according to how much you provide consumers and your own budget. It will include the title and footer. It will include pictures, icon, or animated gifs. It's all basically according to what you want.


If you don't have your own slogan I can help you. I can build the entire context for you with your information. It can be yours to use anywhere you like as long as it's for the present business I build the web site for.

Contact Information
Form, Faxes, And Phone Numbers!

Contact Page
This is the page where you can have up to as many ways you have possible to be contacted. Phone, E-mail, Entry Form, Fax Number, Address and Phone Number. I can also, add a map for your location.


I can use solid font styles or a color flow. You can choose from many background styles and colors. I can use your logo's or you can choose one I design for you. I can use you pictures or my collection of pictures.

Each web site has to carry certain web supporter icons in order to use some material on each web site. For example, my webdesign logo must stay close to the bottom of each page I build for you that links to my web site. Also, at least the home or main page has to have a linking logo if graphics are used by other designers.


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