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Rates vary according to your needs

Rates are calculated according to content design and the number of pages.

Basic Web site with up to 4 pages - from $199.00

This includes up to four pictures a page, special animations, contact form, and the design fee.

For each additional page add $50 (this includes 4 pictures, logo, and 2 graphics) additional pictures add $15, additional graphics (names, logos, email icons, forms, cool contents, etc.,) add $10.

If you want me to use your slogan there will be no extra charge. If you want me to create a slogan and context it will be an additional charge starting at $25. If you need any changes or updates to your website there is an additional fee of $15 per order. Or if you will be having constant updates you may want to consider the $35 monthly fee for maintence.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on my contact page.

I am unable to provide pricing estimates for many of my designs, due to the unique nature of each one's needs.

I can give you a better estimate once you decide what you want on your site. Some designs can be as little as $50 a page. No prices include a Domain Name. All Domain Names are paid each year by you to the company who provides it for you. Most Domain Names start at as little as $8.95 a year and up. You do not have to purchase a Domain Name in order to have a web site. Call for more details.


Sam's Web Designs * Montgomery, Alabama * 334-356-6299