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About Me
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Some folks like to know about the person they want to do business with. Well in short, I'm a simple designer. I don't pretend to be the top dollar executive web designer or advertisement specialist. I simply present you with what I can do for your business by understanding the service or product you provide to consumers abroad.

The better I know about your service or product the better I can serve you. It helps to know a little bit about you and your employees to better serve you in what you are looking for.

I have a few web sites I can link you to to show you some of the designs, slogans, and context I provided other customers. Or you can go to the sample pages on this web site to get an idea of some of my ideas in certain businesses.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have an questions.

Web Site Designer

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My Philosophy

If you want to run a business you need to do what it takes to get it done right. Sometimes you have to spend a little money on advertisement or accessiblity in order to accomplish a good steady business. With the Internet being such a valuable tool you need to keep up with times or you will be left behind. More and more business owners are loosing money due to expensive advertisements that are useless because of accessiblty. Since their are more consumers on the Net what better way to grab their attention than to have your own web site.

I for one, cannot stand to use the phone book to find out what I need to know about a service or product. First, I have to look up what I need in the Yellow Pages then I have to decide which company to use from a long list of companies. Then I have to call them to see if they are who I want or need. That's after I get through the recordings first.

There are other ways to know about a service or product that I can research myself by seaching it on the Internet. I don't have to call first to see what kind of service or if they have the product I'm looking for. I can get all the answers I need from their web site. Then I can contact them via e-mail.


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